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Catch some large winter trout with Gul-R-Boy Guide Service.
Catch massive tarpon with Gul-R-Boy Guide Service

Red Drum, Spot Tail Bass, Channel Bass -- the name for this fish changes depending on what part of the coast you're fishing. I catch these fish year round. They generally range in size from 10 inches to 45 inches long -- and occasionally you catch a larger one.

Flounder show up around mid-April and stay until late November, depending on the water temperature.

Winter Trout can be caught year round, but the best fishing is from June through December. For the last two years, I've had customers catch trout weighing over six pounds.

Tarpon show up in mid-July and stay until the water starts to cool off in October. The SC State tarpon record is 154 pounds. In 1998, two of my customers released two tarpon that weighed in at far over the state record.

Shark fishing is particularly good from May through December. There are various species, ranging in size from quite small all the way up to those you can't turn

with a rod and reel.

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